Antonio’s Pilgrimage (April 2018)

I’ve never made it a secret that I love steaks and I am in a constant search for a good steak meal. One of my fave place for steak is Antonio’s Fine Dining in Tagaytay City.  Tagaytay is a city in the province of Cavite which is located south of Metro Manila. Depending on the traffic situation, it is usually a 2-3hrs drive from where I live in the northern part of Metro Manila.  Despite the distance and the traffic,  our family makes an annual trek to visit this reservations-only restaurant and feast on its super tender, juicy and heavenly delicious steak.

This year due to some health issues in the family, we almost didn’t push through with the trip but because my sister is visiting from Toronto, some of us decided to make the “pilgrimage” even if we are not complete. I am happy to say that Antonio’s didn’t disappoint me.  The restaurant is located in a farm estate and has an old world charm that I really love. The ambiance of place relaxes me and the anticipation of a great meal just adds to the excitement.

I do have a confession to make. I was feeling really down when I made this trip that is why I wasn’t in the mood to take much photos, specially of the food of which you will find so little photos of them. The way I felt shows in the colors and processing of my photos. The colors, angles, composition are more muted and earth tones, an accurate reflection of how I felt when I took these photos.

(Please click on each photo for a larger view)

Aside from the main building, the place has an garden area with a private function dining hall/building and another enclosed garden area that has a bar in it for alfresco private functions.

(Please click on each photo for a larger view)

Of course, the main attraction of the place is the food prepared by its owner, Chef Antonio Escalante. My photos can’t do justice to how good the food here is. The steak is so good that I feel giddy everything I think about it and it has became the standard for which I compare other steaks. So far it is still the best steak I’ve ever tasted. Meat so tender, you do not even need a knife to cut it. In fact, I brought home some left overs because we were simply stuffed and even after reheating it the next day, I still didn’t need to use a knife to cut it. I can simply use my spoon or even just bite it with my teeth to cut it. That’s how tender it is. I really would recommend you order you steak medium for that tender juiciness that is so heavenly!  Aside from the steak, the side dish, the salad (all freshly produced and harvested from Antonio’s own farm), the soup and dessert makes for a truly unforgettable dining experience. No wonder people are willing to travel the distance and brave the traffic just to dine here.

(Please click on each photo for a larger view)

God-willing, I hope I’ll be blessed with another opportunity to visit Antonio’s in the future and I’ll be feeling a bit better than how I felt for this trip. I surely look forward to that next visit.

I am not in anyway paid to do this nor am I connected with Antonio’s. I just simply love the food and service here and they have never disappointed me in the many years I’ve been visiting them.

For more information about Antonio’s ( and their other restaurants) please check out their website at

Gear used: Fuji X-Pro 2, Fuji 60mm f/2/4, Samyang 12mm f/2. All photos were shot RAW and processed via Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Please do offer your comments, critiques and likes. Feel free to share this too. Thanks and God bless 🙂




  1. I’ve never tried Antonio’s. Your blog just showed me what I’m missing if I didn’t go there at least once (in my lifetime).😀


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