“HOME” Kong 2018

Hong Kong  as many of those who you may know, is one of my fave place to visit. I am not a native of Hong Kong but I love the place so much that I fondly call it “HOME” Kong, a term I borrowed from a friend of mine. Hong Kong is a vibrant mix of east and west whose blood stream is pure capitalism and retail. The sights, sounds and the smell ( of awesome Chinese food) of the city never fails to thrill and captivate me.

This week I had the opportunity to visit HK for an extremely short 3-day trip with my wife. Once again I had my Fuji X100F with me as my main travel camera (with the Sony RX100IV as my backup camera but I only used it for one shot for the whole trip) and proved once more why it is the perfect city travel camera for my style of photography.  The Fuji X100F is as simple as it gets – one camera, one fixed lens with a 35mm focal length equivalent. Perfect for documentaty type shooting. Sure, there were a few occassions that I wished I had a slightly wider FOV but it never was a deal breaker for me. It’s small size, retro looks and silent operation made it non-threatening and unobstrusive to use. In fact, the few times I point it directly at people’s face,  I get a smile instead of a frown or an angry stare. I am not saying that it’s the best camera ever because I am sure when the next version comes out I’ll be wanting to upgrade. Things that I wish for the next version to have is a full frame sensor, a lens with proper filter threads and a proper manual focusing ring and oh, if they can include weather sealing then pls shut up and take my money.

Hong Kong is about the people who seem to be perpentually on the move… (Please click on the photos for a larger view.)

It’s very much about the food…

And finally, Hong Kong is about the hustle and bustle of the street..  It’s like the whole place is in a state of perpetual buzz. I always pay close attention to the alleyways between building structures as they often contain interesting lights and shadows, scenes and textures.


Hong Kong will always be HOME Kong for me… God willing, I’ll be back. 🙂

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  1. All your photos captured the heart of HK! I can almost hear the people speaking Cantonese on a busy street or in MTR and taste those yummy Dimsum! Great job, bro!!!!

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  2. These photos are simply breath taking.. others may opt to take pictures of themselves, but you focused on the places and things which others would seldom notice, like the alleyways between building structures. You made us appreciate the place .. thank you for “bringing” us with you.

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