Catfish Silky

Catfish SilkyThe CATFISH SILKY

I recently joined a Facebook contest hosted by Catsfish Guitar Straps. The contest mechanics are pretty simple. Post a photo of your guitars in the comment section of their contest announcement post and get as much likes/loves as you can. The top 3 with the most number of likes/loves get to win a guitar strap of their choice from the ones shown in their contest announcement photo. Thank to all my friends who helped me out, I was able to win 2nd place and  got to choose this wonderful CATFISH SILKY strap as my price.

The Catfish Silky strap has a nice square design and colorway makes it a perfect fit for all the guitars I currently have in my line up.

Catfish Straps is a Filipino guitar strap making company which makes premium and exquisite guitar straps at a very competitve price.  For more info about them, check out their FB page – ->> Catfish Guitar Straps 

All shot with the Nikon D810 with the Nikon 50mm f/1.4G. Please feel free to share and comment. Thanks so much! 🙂

The Silky on the Duesenberg Starplayer TVCatfish Silky & Duesenberg Starplayer TV


The Silky on the Gibson Les PaulCatfish Silky + Gibson Les Paul


The Silky on the Fender Stratocaster 57 AVRICatfish Silky + Fender 57 AVRI Stratocaster


The Silky on the Fender Japan 50’s TelecasterCatfish Silky + Fender Japan 52 Telecaster

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