Hong Kong 2017


I feel blessed that recently I had a chance to travel with my family to HK (which I fondly refer to as Home Kong) to celebrate my big 50 last Oct 28-Nov. 1 2017. I purposefully wanted to use that time simply for bonding with my family so I decided to travel light – camera wise as I really had no photographic agenda for the trip. I simply brought along my Fuji X100F and a Sony RX100M4 as a backup camera. I used the Fuji X100F 99% of the time because it was all I needed and it simply delivered! The only time I took out and used the Sony RX100M4 was when I needed to take a wide angle “groupie” shot with my HK-based relatives in a cramped restaurant lobby and a couple of zoom shots inside the airport on our way home.

As I mentioned, I had no specific agenda in terms of photography for this trip, so the plan was to just walk around with the family and casually shoot whatever caught my eye along the way. Almost every shot I took from this trip were street type shots and almost none of the tourist spot looking shots (which I deliberately avoided). The fact that the Fuji X100F was so small, light and unobtrusive meant that I was able walk around with it the whole day without my shoulder or back aching and was able to virtually shoot unnoticed. I had initially wanted to do a black & white series but the colors of the HK street were simply too good to pass up. So here are some of the shots I was able to capture for this trip, click on the individual photo for a larger view. Please do drop me a comment or two coz’ I love to hear from you. Thanks, and God bless 🙂


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