Drive-By Shooting (of the Photographic Kind)

Living and driving in Metro Manila often mean that I am subjected to parking lot-like traffic jam situations. It’s a major cost of wastage of time and productivity and is a source of major stress for many. Traffic was particularly bad the other day, specially now that CHRISTmas season is here. Instead of raging it out, I decided to de-stress by taking out my camera and to just shoot some random street scene from the perspective of being inside my vehicle. This is one reason, as much as possible, I try to always travel with a camera. For this particular occasion, I had my Sony RX100M4 with me. This camera is a real pocket rocket with snappy performance and wonderful image quality.  Having a camera with me and purposefully snapping random shots helps make being stuck in traffic a bit more bearable.

Kindly click on the individual image for the larger view. Thanks 🙂

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