Baguio December 2022

Finally had the opportunity to travel to Baguio ( my fave vacation place in the Philippines) with my family for a short 3 day stay from Dec. 30, 2022 – Jan. 1, 2023. We opted to rent an AirBnb place located inside Camp John Hay because we wanted some peace and quiet away from the crowd in the hotels located inside CJH. The place we rented was part of the Forest Cabin compound. It’s a gated compound but with-in walking distance of the Go Kart and Mini-golf areas of CJH. It is a faux log cabin complete with a fire place and a garden area.

For this trip, we just opted to just stay inside CJH most of the time and only ventured out to the city for dinner once. We were pleasantly surprised that we did not encounter heavy traffic as was the norm during the pre-pandemic time. One sad thing I noticed was that the famed Commissary area in CJH which used to be the center of activity and commerce inside the camp had already closed down. There were still some stores open during my trip there June 2022 with my wife. I hope the CJH Admin will do something about it, to revive and restore it to its former glory along with other attractions inside – the Eco trail and the Tree Top Adventure.

The drive up from Manila to Baguio and back was pleasant and fairly quick. It took us an average of 3.5hrs per trip with a couple of stops. Here are some photos I took during the trip, mostly inside John Hay. All shots were taken with the Fuji X100V using the Portra 400 film recipe with some minor color adjustments via LR classic. Kindly leave a like and some feedback to help me improve. Do also share should you find it share-worthy. Thanks and God bless.


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