What are you celebrating this CHRISTmas?

There was a couple who was throwing a party for the 1st birthday of their baby boy. Everyone in town knew that it was going to be a grand event because the couple waited for years to finally have a baby.

The day of the party came and everyone who was invited came to the posh venue dressed in their best attire. Music, happy conversation, and laughter filled the event hall, as the guests celebrated with the couple. There were games, free flowing drinks ,and huge portions of exotic and delicious food. In the midst of that joyous celebration, some of the guests asked the couple where the baby was. Much to the surpise of the guests, the couple answered “Oh! The baby is not here. We figured that it would be such a hassle if we had to carry him around, feed him, and play with him all evening during the party; so we decided to just leave the baby at home with the nanny so he can eat and play there without being bothersome to all of us.”.

If we were one of the guests, we would find this a really ridiculous situation to be in and may even call out the parents for doing this. Afterall, how can we celebrate a birthday when the most important person – the celebrator – is not even part of the celebration?

But sadly, that is how many of us celebrate CHRISTmas. We looforward to the parties, the reunions, the decors, the glitters, the gifts, and the vacations we will take. CHRISTmas is no longer the celebration of the birth of Christ and has become a highly commercialized celebration for the self. Maybe it’s time for us to be honest and reflect on this question:

What are we celebrating this CHRISTmas?

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