Disappointed Hike at the CJH Eco Trail

One of the few things I truly look forward to in Baguio is taking a leisurely hike at the Camp John Hay Eco Trail. I am not an avid hiker. In fact, the only time I do hikes is when I am in Baguio. When I do my solo hike here I usually use it as an opportunity to meditate and reflect on God’s goodness and faithfulness. And when I hike the trail with my family, I use it as a bonding opportunity and also as an occasion to do a short devotion with them and pray with them at the top of the trail.

Last year (December 2015) when I was here, I was able to hike to the top of the Eco trail despite the fact that the trail was in a really bad shape with all the 3 bridges there literally falling apart. I was told that this was due to the typhoon that hit Baguio shortly before CHRISTmas last 2015.  I expected them to fix it and do trail maintenance after the peak CHRISTmas season was over.

So I was really excited to hit the trail during my recent annual December trip there (2016) but alas, this year I couldn’t even hike past the 1st leg as the bridge that was once here is gone so I could not cross the shallow creek. 😦

I hope that whoever is in charge for the upkeep and maintenance of the CJH Eco Trail will shape up and start doing their job. I also wish someone can hook me up with whichever organization/individuals who can do something about this. I would really appreciate it. Thanks and God bless.

Photos taken with the Sony RX100IV (M4) – Please do click on each image for a larger view and do drop me a comment or two. 🙂

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