Halalan 2019

The Philippines had just concluded its mid-term election. This was a particularly divisive election, much like the presidential election 3 years ago. The campaigns were filled with personal attacks against each other and many from both the administration to the opposition crossed some boundaries of decency in their attacks. This divisiveness spilled over even after the election ended.

One of the reasons why our nation is experiencing slow progress is something I coin as PETS – Post-Election Tantrum Syndrome. 😛 It seems like after every election here in the Philippines, there are the winners and there are the whiners who insist they were cheated (or so the candidates and their supporters claim). 

PETS creates a long lasting division that prevent those who are not winners (I want to call them losers but I can’t since they said they didn’t lose) from swallowing their pride and working with the winners for the betterment of our nation. Then there are also those winners who do nothing but gloat and rub salt on the wounds of those who are not winners. 

Wouldn’t it be great if Filipinos learn to be magnanimous in victory and be gracious in defeat. After each election, why not cross party lines or whatever political ideologies we may have and work together for our progress. It doesn’t mean we will agree on everything, be vocal if you wish about the wrongs and percieved wrongs you see but be just as vocal to support and give credit when things are done right. Lastly, don’t let the election and political differences destroy our friendships/relationships. Afterall, it really isn’t worth the effort to fight over people who do not know us and truth be told, don’t really care for us.  Why don’t we try working together? Who knows, it might just surprise us and work. 🙂

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