Poss Fight Wear Philippines

Late last year, a friend of mine and I were approached for a project to shoot the catalog for an upscale lifestyle store that opened this year in an upscale and still expanding mall in Q.C. I was excited for it because I felt that shooting product shots was where I was most comfortable at. Unfortunately, we couldn’t come to terms with the store and hence the shoot didn’t push through. I was disappointed but I didn’t want to compromise my principles.

It’s often said that good things comes to those who wait. Two weeks ago, a good friend (and church mate) of mine asked if I can do a photoshoot for him. He has a new product line coming in and it will involve shooting several MMA (URCC) fighters who are endorsing the fight wear my friend is bringing in. I never was comfortable shooting people and had no experience whatsoever shooting something like this. I thank the Lord that the shoot went without a hitch yesterday. I am deeply grateful to my friend for trusting me to do this. It was a totally learning experience for me and a chance for me to go out of my comfort zone and do something different.

Here are some photos from the photoshoot  I did for Poss Philippines. These Lo-Res photos were uploaded with  permission from Poss Philippines

Gear: Nikon D810, Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G; Pocketwizard Triggers, Jinbei Strobes

MMA Athletes: Leeariel Lampacan, Jason Oranda & Jeffrey “The Hitman” Biron



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