Thoughts about the 2016 Philippine National Election

The 2016 Philippine national election is one of the most divisive in recent Philippine history. It seems like everyone has an opinion and with the easy accessibility to social media, everyone’s opinions are easily heard and read. Suddenly everyone’s a political analyst. This makes for a really tense and often combative atmosphere as accusations and their supporters hurl counter-accusations against each candidate. Instead of promoting their own candidate choices, people resort to attacking the choices of others and the character of the voters.

It truly puzzles me why people are so affected by the choice of others, and some even go as far as to threaten to unfollow/unfriend on FB those who support other candidates. Will they do the same for those whose religious beliefs, sexual orientation, basketball team choice differ from theirs? Granted that this is way bigger as it involves our country and its future. We may all have different candidate choices, but I believe that all of us ultimately want what is best for our country. We just have different opinions and perceptions on how this can be achieved. I believe a sign of a truly mature person is when he/she can disagree agreeably. We do not need to be obnoxious about our choice nor do we need to ridicule those whose choices differ from ours. Respect is a 2-way street; those who demand it must know how to give it. You can’t disrespect the choice of others and demand respect for your own choice.

We have around 12 days before we make our voice heard, let’s rally around our candidate choice, promote their good points, achievements and merits but take care not to degrade other candidates. After all, our candle doesn’t become brighter just because we blow out the candles of others. Those who pray, pray for wisdom in making the right choice.

After the May 9 election, let’s all set aside our differences and start the rebuilding & healing process. Respect whoever gets elected, submit to them and their authority. If a suspected fraud has occurred, allow the legal process to take its course first and pray for wisdom to do what is required to rectify it.

Whoever gets elected on May 9, whether he/she is my candidate choice or not, will be my president. As a Christian, I will submit to his/her authority just as I am commanded to do so by God in Romans 13:1-7.

May God grant us wisdom as we make our choices and make our voice heard on May 9, may HE grant us a humble heart and the strength to submit to whoever gets elected specially when he/she is not whom we voted for.

God bless us all, God bless the Philippines. Mabuhay po tayong lahat. Mabuhay po ang sambayang Pilipino. Mabuhay po ang Pilipinas.

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